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Oculus Designs is a leading interior design firm specializing in commercial projects. We provide a personalized approach and strive to create designs that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

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The Sales Center, envisioned and designed by Oculus. Maintain an open concept layout to foster collaboration and transparency within the sales center. Arrange workspaces and client meeting areas in a fluid, interconnected layout that encourages interaction and communication.


Crafting a showroom that reflects the essence of our residential project and brand identity ensures discerning consumers perceive the quality of their investment. The meticulous orchestration of multiple spaces, guided by Feng Shui principles, elevates the efficiency of the purchasing process.

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The Showroom, envisioned and designed by Oculus, is a captivating space that seamlessly marries form and function, creating an immersive experience for visitors.



Welcome to EGBank, where modern design meets innovative banking solutions.EG Bank believes that our success is rooted in the success of our clients; as such, we are committed to making sure that we provide excellent services and up-to-date banking solutions that are second to none. 

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The story of one of building trust. This trust allowed the company to go through powerful transformation and expand its operation in multiple sectors.


205 Arkan Palm Sales Center is a modern office and mockup apartment space located in Arkan Plaza in Sheikh Zayed City, which provides a professional and modern atmosphere.

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At AG Office Building, we understand the importance of design in the modern workspace. The office building in the new capital is has been designed to create a luxurious and comfortable work environment that encourages a creative atmosphere. 


This Clubhouse is a unique design in the 6th of October City that offers a modern and comfortable atmosphere for all ages to enjoy. Our clubhouse is designed with simplicity in mind.

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The Granoy administrative building in New Cairo is an upscale, modern facility designed to provide luxurious office spaces. 


it Business hub is an integrated business and corporate hub located in the heart of New Cairo. Our design provides the perfect environment for businesses of all sizes.



Situated in the centre of Mostakbal City, this clubhouse offers a modern and comfortable atmosphere for all to enjoy with luxurious and spacious facilities, designed with simplicity in mind.


The AG Sales Center is a modern space located in Mivida compound in New Cairo. With its sleek white and glass elements, this design stands apart from the rest.



Park Lane Clubhouse is an exclusive club located in the heart of the new capital. Its modern Art-Deco style offers members a luxurious experience with its state-of-the-art restaurant, indoor pool, and gym designs.


205 Arkan Palm is a mega project situated in the centre of Sheikh Zayed City. The distinctive clubhouse overlooks the canal walk and promenade.

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