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205 Arkan Clubhouse




Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt



Development by

Arkan Palm

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Render Gallery 

Overlooking the canal walk and promenade, the clubhouse communicates a light mood through its modern look, wooden floors and LED lighting. It features a pool with a steel structure that can be opened or closed, as well as an indoor pool and jacuzzi with a clear all-glass view.

Pool and Gym 

The pool and canal walk can be seen from the fully equipped gym, which also features a similar all-glass view feature. Along with a juice bar and a sauna.

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Lounge and Cinema

The clubhouse also includes a lounge that connects to a television bar, serving area, and cinema. We paired the lounge's open spaces and natural light with a modern art-deco look that fully transforms the interior into a cozy getaway. 

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