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Oculus Designs is an experienced interior design firm dedicated to creating stunning, customized spaces for residential clients. Our team of professionals is passionate about designing beautiful, unique homes that are a reflection of their owners’ style and personalities.

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Creek Town is a luxurious residential complex that is designed to provide a unique living experience. Located on the Suez Road in the First Settlement of New Cairo.


Somabay Villas is a collection of luxury residences in the Red Sea designed to provide the ultimate living experience with unparalleled views of the sea.

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Wadi Jebal Lodges are one of Somabay’s residential projects with unmatched views of the Red Sea’s crystal clear waters. The Lodges spoil their homeowners with the luxury of standalone homes and the convenience of smaller spaces.


At Al Qamzi Building, we are passionate about interior design. Our team of experts has created a luxurious art deco style that is both visually stunning and practical. 

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Katameya Creeks is a mixed use luxury development with a Neoclassical architecture style, creating a world-class-destination in New Cairo, this project includes luxurious villas with private gardens, apartment buildings with 360-degree views over green fields.


205 Arkan Palm Serviced Apartment by Crowne Plaza is a luxurious residential development located in the heart of the city. It is a joint venture between a renowned developer and an experienced hospitality operator, combining the highest standards of living service.

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Oculus took the role of the Interior Architecture and Interior Design of 35 apartments throughout three of Al Jazi Residences' buildings .


At Oculus we provide opulent designs of luxurious private residences and homes for exclusive clients.

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