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Granoy Administrative Building




New Cairo, Egypt



Development by

Upwyde Developments

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Render Gallery 

The needs of the workplace differ from those of home. While the ideal office should be welcoming as a "home away from home", it must also be a creative space that inspires innovation and productivity. We took that ideology to heart when working with Upwyde Developments to design their project: Granoy.

As a five-storey all-inclusive retail and administrative building, Granoy was envisioned to meet the needs of business entities and retail owners alike. Achieving the project's concept of merging and balancing lifestyles required an equilibrium of aesthetic elements.

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Our choice of neutral colors in the offices allows each business to incorporate elements of its own brand identity in a way that creates flawless harmony. As the space receives an affinity of natural light due to its expansive windows, our selection of light flooring and ceiling materials results in an air of warmth and comfort all year round. Along with vibrant niches, these elements produce a backdrop that can energize all those within.

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