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AG Office Building




New Capital, Egypt



Development by

Noraco Developments



Render Gallery 

The design was about creating an open luxurious yet welcoming and interactive space by celebrating the simplicity of form, materiality and enduring, timeless aesthetic.  We elevated the design to an artform with a philosophy characterized by subtlety, proportion and a luxurious pairing of materials. We designed the space using the same aesthetic principles that have become synonymous with the Oculus Designs brand. 

Diagonal floors combined with elements of rounded corners, present a soft feel in this space, offering a welcoming yet very luxurious first impression.

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sal_Interactive LightMix_View080100.jpg
sal_Interactive LightMix_View050100.jpg
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The space receives an affinity of natural light due to its expansive windows, our selection of light flooring and ceiling materials results in an air of warmth and comfort. Along with vibrant elements, that produce a backdrop that can energize all those within. 

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