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Arkan Palm Office for Delta Lighting-45.jpg

205 Arkan Sales Center




Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt



Development by

Arkan Palm

Arkan palm.png

Real Shots Gallery

The sales center own individual character derived from its sleek geometry and composition, welcoming its users from the Arkan Plaza.

The sales center blends in the complex and into the surroundings, consisting mainly of offices modules constructed rhythmically around its parameter. The design corner transparent façade, corresponds to the needs and characteristics of its interior space and, at the same time, to its integration to the Arkan Plaza landscape.

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Arkan Palm Office for Delta Lighting-25.jpg
Arkan Palm Office for Delta Lighting-28.jpg

Natural plant life and green walls blend together, crafting the perfect backdrop for the space.

The sleek curved glass walls that surround the first floor’s offices act as a strong symbol of transparency, a key component in healthy client relations. 

We designed the space using the same aesthetics principles that have become synonymous with the Oculus Design brand.

Arkan Palm Office for Delta Lighting-41.jpg
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