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Confidential Project




Cairo, Egypt



Development by

Confidential Owner

Render Gallery 

Crafting a showroom that reflects the essence of our residential project and brand identity ensures discerning consumers perceive the quality of their investment. The meticulous orchestration of multiple spaces, guided by Feng Shui principles, elevates the efficiency of the purchasing process.

Crafting a showroom ensures consumers recognize investment quality. Thoughtful organization, guided by Feng Shui principles, improves purchasing efficiency.

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Strategically positioning the maquette at the center of the showroom guarantees its visibility from every interior vantage point.

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The design challenge in this project involved maintaining the existing charcoal grey interior walls. To address this, we introduced extremely light colors to counterbalance the bold charcoal grey tone. The spacious station desks offer tenants ample workspace, enabling undisturbed work while preserving brand identity and formality, creating a modern and sleek environment.

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