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Confidential Project




Cairo, Egypt



Development by

Confidential Owner

Render Gallery 

Make the rustic metal accent wall a focal point of the space, adding texture and depth to the interior. Consider using reclaimed metal panels or custom-designed metalwork to create a unique statement piece that reflects Oculus Designs' signature style.

Maintain an open concept layout to foster collaboration and transparency within the sales center. Arrange workspaces and client meeting areas in a fluid, interconnected layout that encourages interaction and communication

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Design inviting and comfortable zones for clients to explore products and engage with sales representatives. Integrate the glass pod with the tree into these areas to create a serene and memorable environment that promotes relaxation and creativity.

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Maximize natural light throughout the sales center to enhance the ambiance and create a sense of openness. Install floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights wherever possible, allowing sunlight to filter in and illuminate the space.

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