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205 Arkan Palm Amenities




Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt



Development by

Arkan Palm

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Render Gallery 

The 205 living experience comes with a full range of amenities appealing to a variety of ages, as well as catered public spaces. Different sized quiet rooms can be used by individuals and groups alike for activities such as reading and studying. We used partitions as a key feature to maximize the space's potential while maintaining privacy for study groups. Children also have playrooms designed for their needs, while teenagers have their own space where they can play billiards, ice hockey, or watch a match. 

While 205's amenities also include a smoking lounge and a 12-seat private cinema, the biggest highlights are the project's business centre, clubhouse, indoor pool and sales centre.

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Indoor Pool

The defining element of our indoor pool design is it's bordering all-glass wall. This design choice gives users visual access to their natural surroundings, granting them some of the advantages of outdoor pools while retaining the benefits of indoor pool experience.

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Business Centre

The business Centre was designed to suit both traditional and modern working styles, offering a selection of small and large meeting rooms.

To ensure an environment of focus, our color choices reflected subtlety and neutrality. A hint of rusty orange on the wooden flooring is accentuated by the natural light from the space's large windows, which provide a clear view of the canal walk outside.

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Quiet room

it was essential for the design of the quiet rooms to reflect their flexible functionality. The adaptability of these spaces caters to small and large groups, allowing for different activities to take place at the same time. Additionally, we used smoothing neutral tones that inspire the mind to remain calm and focused.

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