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205 Arkan Palm Entrances and Corridors




Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt



Development by

Arkan Palm

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Render Gallery 

When Arkan and Palm Hills combined their commercial expertise to launch a world-class destination in West Cairo, the result was "205: An Arkan Palm Development". The project, named because of the 205 feddan land it occupies, utilizes its immense capacity to become a "city within a city"

We joined this legendary partnership with the aim of designing a community that can stand in its own, both functionally and aesthetically. We tackled a wide range of apartment interiors, each one automated, fully finished, and exhibiting a luxurious hotel atmosphere.

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Each building features its own ground floor, basement, garage, as well as two distinct entrances. Visitors are welcomed by a concierge and receive the full hotel lobby experience, while double height and skylight features contribute to the grandeur of the space. meanwhile, the corridors mix special lighting with standardized design to create a sense of cohesion and brand identity.

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